Jean Baudrillard: Why hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?

This is the last essay of Jean Baudrillard, written before his death in 2007. It unfolds the perspective of disappearing. The well known competence of the author – to denote things through what they aren’t rather than what they are, now seems, far beyond provocation, as an active understanding of life in the contemporary, actual and virtual reality. It notifies the urge of the culture of reason to assign the concept to every form of life and to define phenomena deducing them to the level of exploitation, while, paradoxically, its contemporary state longs for the contrary. Baudrillard provokes the digital age as contingencies for its dispersion or death.
The architecture was, in the terms of the culture, so far seen as a matter of the ideology, and therefore, the fear. The built objects were the material traces of the disappeared social mechanisms – the notions of their demon presence. In reference to the Baudrillard’s perspective, the architecture can be seen as a form of disappearing….


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